Postdoctoral Programs

CAPIC Postdoctoral Program members are recognized by the California Board of Psychology (BoP) for the accrual of Supervised Professional Experience (SPE) hours towards licensure as a psychologist, alongside APA-accredited and APPIC-member programs.   CAPIC has adapted its postdoctoral training program membership criteria and clarifications from those of APPIC.   See CAPIC’s Postdoctoral Program Membership Criteria.

Currently, CAPIC has over a dozen Postdoctoral Programs offering Full-Time and Half-Time internships.  Click here for a publicly accessible list of CAPIC Postdoctoral Program Members, including links to their Brief Agency Profiles (BAP’s).    

 NOTE: The CAPIC online match process is only for doctoral internships.  For CAPIC postdoctoral positions, click on the links above for the individual sites and contact them directly regarding postdoc opportunities.  There is no online match process for CAPIC postdoc positions.  Do not use the CAPIC online match process for postdoc positions.    


Online Database for CAPIC Postdoc Program Members

CAPIC Program members should click the login button at the top of any page to log on to access your program’s online extended agency profile (EAP), brief agency profile (BAP) and supplemental documents.

CAPIC Program members are responsible for keeping their online profiles current at all times.  Please contact the CAPIC office for further assistance, as needed.  NOTE:  Only the EAP may be edited.  The BAP is populated with data directly from a program’s EAP. 


Status Changes for Existing CAPIC Postdoc Program Members

Existing CAPIC program members seeking to upgrade their program status (e.g. add a Full-Time program, add a new training site, etc.), should follow the same procedures as new applicants seeking CAPIC membership,  except (a) no application fee is required and (b) a site visit is left to the discretion of the CAPIC Board member conducting the review.  Go to the page on Joining CAPIC for more info.


Non-CAPIC Postdoctoral Training Sites/Positions

Non-CAPIC Postdoctoral positions are posted separately on the Training and Employment section as a courtesy.


Important Information for Postdocs

APA/CoA Implementing Regulations for Accreditation: Policy Statements & Implementing Regulations
American Psychological Association “Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (2002)”
California Department of Consumer Affairs booklet “Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex” Note: It is required, as stated in the 2012 Laws and Regulations Booklet of the CA/BoP, that this booklet be provided to all psychology trainees at the beginning of the year, and it must be documented that they have read it.



Closing Protocol for Internship or Postdoctoral Training Programs
Postdoctoral Program Membership Criteria
Supervision Agreement Form (on BoP website.  Last revised 7/14.)
Verification of Experience Form (on BoP website. Last revised 3/15.)
Laws and Regulations Related to the Practice of Psychology  (on BoP website – Updated 2015)
Postdoctoral Program Membership Application Instructions
CAPIC Info Regarding Interns and Stipends