Quality Assurance

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CAPIC has a robust Quality Assurance (QA) program.  It starts with our membership criteria and review process and continues with regular and ongoing program reviews. QA Delegates – To go to the Board’s internal Quality Assurance (QA) page, click here.  (This internal page is not accessible by the public and requires a separate login.)

Membership Criteria

CAPIC has adapted the membership criteria for its Internship and Postdoctoral programs from those of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC).   One significant difference is that CAPIC encourages but does not require stipends for interns at its doctoral internship programs/agencies.  CAPIC also requires site visits as part of the application process and explicitly requires comprehensive cultural competency requirements.    See the comparison of APPIC and CAPIC Membership criteria.

Membership Application Review Process

As part of the initial application process, a prospective program seeking CAPIC membership submits its application online, thoroughly describing its various programmatic components and needs (e.g. staffing, training, supervision, intern requirements, etc.).

CAPIC also requires the program provide complementary, supporting documentation of its program, including:

  • CVs of all primary supervisors
  • Curriculum/Didactic Schedule
  • Training Manual
  • Grievance and Due Process Policy
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Agency Brochure
  • Internship Brochure/Information

The CAPIC office conducts a preliminary review of the online application and supplementary documents.  When the CAPIC office has determined that these components are accurate and complete, the application is assigned to a CAPIC Board member to review.A site visit is a required part of a program’s application review for CAPIC membership.  The CAPIC Board member reviews the online application and then meets with the program’s Director of Training to discuss its program and to assure that the online application accurately reflects its program as it is delivered to interns.  –If a shortfall is found, CAPIC offers assistance and/or guidance to help the program address it. After a CAPIC Board member has reviewed a prospective program, the review is sent to CAPIC’s Membership Committee and then to the entire Board for discussion, review and when appropriate, approval as a CAPIC program member.While CAPIC Quality Assurance starts with the initial application for CAPIC membership, it continues with periodic and ongoing QA reviews, as described below.


QA Forms (blank):  


Current CAPIC Program Members – Ongoing QA Review:

Annual QA Review:  After approval as a CAPIC Program member, every program is required to annually update their online profile, including providing the full CV of all licensed psychologist supervisors, current due process documents, didactic program description, and other key educational and procedural aspects of their training program. Every program is also required to attest to their continued adherence to CAPIC’s membership criteria, policies and procedures.

The CAPIC office reviews each program’s online profiles annually to ensure that each program continues to meet CAPIC member standards.  For CAPIC doctoralinternship program members, this also helps ensure that their online profiles are updated for the annual online match process, which begins each Fall and runs through the Spring.

Status Change Review:  Existing program members who seek to upgrade their program status (e.g. add a Full-Time program or add a new training site) follow essentially the same procedures as a new application review, although no application fee is required and a site visit is left to the discretion of the CAPIC Board member conducting the review.

3-Year Site QA Visits:  CAPIC also requires site visits recurring every three years.  Each program member is assigned to a CAPIC Board member who is responsible for reviewing their online profile and supplementary documentation, and for conducting a site visit of the program.  –If a shortfall is found, CAPIC offers assistance and/or guidance to help the program address it.  Documentation of the QA review and site visit is then maintained by the CAPIC office.

The status of QA site visits and the QA program is reviewed at CAPIC’s quarterly Board meetings.
More frequent reviews and site visits may be conducted if other factors warrant it (e.g. significant change in program staffing or training; separate grievance/complaint, etc.).
This quality assurance program is possible only because all members – doctoral academic programs, doctoral internship programs and postdoctoral fellows – are committed to quality training and to actively participating in maintaining it throughout the entire system.